Solutions Overview


Health Navigator is comprised of database content and analytic tools that help capture, organize and present a telemedicine encounter better and faster… from the presenting chief complaint to the final diagnosis.

Health Navigator was inspired and architected by telehealth and consumer eHealth thought leader David Thompson, MD.  In addition to his work as a co-founder and principal of Self Care Decisions and Schmitt-Thompson Clinical Content, Dr. Thompson is a practicing emergency physician, CMIO of a national physician staffing company, teacher, and author.

Dr. Thompson foresaw the need to develop an integrated clinical vocabulary and database architecture for capturing, storing, and codifying the reason for visit (Coded Chief Complaints), key clinical descriptors (Rapid Medical History), and the final diagnosis (diseases, conditions) to support digital eHealth technologies.  Health Navigator solutions leverage a decade of research, data science analytics, proprietary technology, and clinical subject matter expert review. Testing and continual quality improvement is a vital component.  Health Navigator clinical content reflects ongoing research and QA analyses of hundreds of thousands of emergency department visits and millions of telehealth visits.

All Health Navigator clinical content solutions are stored in a relational database and can be provided through an application programming interface (API). The API employs RESTful web services and supports delivery in multiple formats. For example, the API will return JSON or XML depending on the client’s requested format. The entire Health Navigator clinical vocabulary is provided using both medical terminology and consumer-friendly plain language. The database supports localization and the Health Navigator clinical vocabulary is also currently available in Spanish.