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In a medical call center, telehealth or nurse advice environment where non-clinical personnel take the first call from a patient, sometimes the calls are “red-flagged.” This means they are high-priority calls for a nurse and should be handled next in the work queue. Non-clinical, front-end representatives tend to over use the red flag criteria because they are not sure what truly is an urgent situation.

Our Approach

Health Navigator’s Natural Language Processing engine can identify patient complaints that have a higher acuity or urgency rating, which can be passed along to the nurse work queue, using our:

  • Proprietary clinical vocabulary for capturing and storing the chief complaint.
  • Natural Language Processing engine, which converts user free-text symptoms into severity-coded chief complaints.
  • Standardized call flow, which offers a completely configurable user interface to ensure patient information is documented consistently across your service team.
  • Content delivered via API that can be easily integrated into your existing application.


By utilizing the Rapid Medical History component, non-clinical personnel can provide second-level triage before the call is passed to a nurse. Staff can collect data about the patient’s symptoms in a non decision-making format. This additional information can be shared with the nurse prior to their interaction with the patient. Benefits of this workflow include:

  1. Identifying patient complaints with a higher acuity or urgency rating, which can be passed to the nurse work queue in the appropriate order of importance.
  2. Well-informed clinical staff and improved satisfaction with patient interactions.
  3. Greater job satisfaction for non-clinical staff who feel they can contribute more to the patient encounter without having to make clinical judgment calls.