Welby Health Bot Demonstration

Watch a short video of our health bot demo application, “Welby”. The Welby health bot demonstrates four Health Navigator capabilities: natural language processing of a user’s main problems or symptoms, our triage engine (recommended level of care), our diagnosis engine (possible causes), and plain language care advice (CarePoints).

The video shows the use case of a 20-year old male with diarrhea after recent foreign travel. The Welby health bot begins with natural language processing (NLP) to identify the main symptom or problem, using Health Navigator’s proprietary clinical vocabulary of Coded Chief Complaints. Then the video shows Welby asking “Tell Us More” questions relevant to the main symptom or problem. Lastly, utilizing the user information provided, and factoring in age and gender, Welby gives a recommendation for level of care, possible causes, and relevant care advice.

See it in action here!