DataArt – Prototype Telemedicine eVisit Intake

Here is a short video of a prototype telemedicine eVisit intake application developed by DataArt, powered by Health Navigator clinical content delivered using the Health Navigator application programming interface (API). In this video a 32-year old female with urine symptoms consistent with simple cystitis calls in requesting to speak to a telemedicine doctor.

See it in action here… and contact us if you would like to learn more!


There are five areas in this prototype.

  1. Patient Demographics.
  2. Voice Recognition Assistant. This area uses IBM’s voice-to-text capability, one of IBM Watson’s services.
  3. Chief Complaint(s). This area lists the the patient’s Coded Chief Complaints. It utilizes Health Navigator’s natural language processing engine. A call to NLP-CCC method (text-to-data) generates a JSON response, which is then formatted and shown here.
  4. Tell Us More. This area provides the service representative a script (rapid medical history) using three Health Navigator methods, each returning JSON that is formatted by the application.
  5. Acuity. This area is simply displaying the highest Health Navigator acuity from responses to questions in the Tell Us More area [4] An alternate and more sophisticated way to do this is to generate a call to the Health Navigator triage engine.

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