About Us

Health Navigator sets the standard for digital health clinical content quality, across multiple channels and the continuum of care, improving the patient and provider experience, from the presenting complaint to the final diagnosis and treatment.

Why Health Navigator? There is a clear rationale for selecting Health Navigator as a clinical content partner.

  • Trusted clinical content based on more than 20+ years experience
  • Extensive and ongoing clinical governance
  • Digitally captures patient/physician encounter from presenting complaint to final diagnosis and care advice
  • Consistent highest quality of clinical outcomes across all digital channels (phone, mobile, web, symptom checker, telehealth, healthbots)
  • Simple to use and understand (both patients and physicians): Uses plain language and medical coding
  • Easy to integrate into all systems using API’s and modular in approach
  • Multi-lingual: US/UK English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Hindi

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