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Health bots or symptom checkers can provide automated conversations that lead to better health care decisions and more satisfied users.

Developers may have a piece of the puzzle, but many health care organizations need additional content related to specific diseases, conditions or symptoms. What they need is a content set that powers clinical information and the search results that digital health assistants deliver.

By implementing Health Navigator’s content, digital health assistants can deliver an accurate, online experience that is close to a human conversation.

Our Approach

Health Navigator provides solutions to help create an accurate, efficient conversation, including:

  • A proprietary clinical vocabulary for capturing & storing the chief complaint.
  • A natural language processing (NLP) engine converts user free-text symptoms into severity-coded chief complaints (structured data).
  • Nearly 500 health bot interaction scripts, reflecting age, gender & other clinical factors.
  • A triage level of care (TLC) engine provides recommendations on the level of care needed.
  • A diagnosis engine (DXE) generates a list of possible causes, based on age, gender & symptoms.
  • Additional resources, including more than 2,700 diseases and conditions, as well as the type of doctor or specialist that treats a specific problem.


Health Navigator’s capabilities improve the accuracy of care recommendation and clinical content, while delivering high-quality, efficient answers to health care questions.

Health Navigator’s content allows your digital health assistant to:

  1. Automate answers to consumer health care questions;
  2. Collect patient responses that can be shared with a medical professional;
  3. Respond accurately to questions using limited, or no personnel;
  4. Enable better decision-making by health care consumers; and
  5. Provide a satisfying, near-human experience.