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The primary responsibility of most physician answering service representatives is to answer calls and document messages for a physician. However, the service representative may often not be able to identify how urgent every call is. Based on the “reason for the call,” Health Navigator’s Natural Language Processing engine can identify the chief complaint(s) ranked by acuity, and provide guidance on how to triage the call. This gives the non-clinical representative a reliable safety net; rather than requiring that they rely on their own judgment.
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Our Approach

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The Health Navigator tool set helps answering service representatives correctly identify the medical reason for a call, through our:

  • Proprietary clinical vocabulary for capturing and storing the chief complaint.
  • Natural Language Processing engine, which converts user free-text symptoms into severity-coded chief complaints.
  • Standardized call flow with a completely configurable user interface that ensures patient information is documented consistently across your service team.
  • Content delivered via API, which allows you to build the content into your existing application.
  • Database of coded chief complaints that covers 99.8% of documented reasons for medical visits.

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Provider and staff satisfaction is important and is closely tied to your team’s ability to identify the clinical reason for a call and the associated acuity. Health Navigator can help your organization:

  1. Provide a clinical safety net for non-clinicians when capturing an individual’s “reason for call.”
  2. Automate and improve workflows.
  3. Deliver a standardized and structured call flow.
  4. Improve health care provider documentation and reduce medical risk.
  5. Provide an acuity-ranked list of coded chief complaints for the medical provider.