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Does your telemedicine platform have a complete set of clinical documentation tools?

Companies that develop telemedicine platforms need robust evidence‐based clinical content that can be quickly and easily integrated into their product. They also need structured data to facilitate medical coding and reporting analytics.

The right documentation tools can improve both the patient and health care provider experience: better quality, safer patient care, improved workflow and operations.

Our Approach

Health Navigator provides solutions to help telemedicine companies develop or enhance their existing platforms.


Patient and health care provider satisfaction is important. Delivering safe, high-quality and efficient care is essential. Health Navigator can help your organization:

  1. Automate & improve workflows;
  2. Build an efficient patient intake process;
  3. Improve health care provider documentation & reduce medical risk; and
  4. Deliver sound, standardized & easy-to-read patient education.

And, it integrates quickly into your platform, with a well‐designed and documented application programming interface (API).