Health Navigator works with eHealth, telemedicine,
and other healthcare organizations to deliver the highest quality
evidence-based digital health content —
that improves patient care, promotes patient safety,
and enhances both the patient and provider experience.


Detailed API documentation makes implementation easy.
Health Navigator modules are available via our API, which is a structured way to receive the content
in a flexible, standardized, and useful format.

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Why Health Navigator?

More and more, people are choosing eHealth encounters over visits to the doctor or emergency care centers. Why? Some are looking for convenient ways to access care that fit into their schedules and lifestyles, and others want to save money. Health Navigator, a one-of-a-kind, digital, diagnostic system, improves the eHealth experience by providing accurate and efficient symptom checking. Health care professionals will also appreciate Health Navigator’s ability to improve workflow for telemedicine encounters and triage call centers.

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